Movable Objects


Identify cultural material at risk and research museum writings, tablets, sculptures, paintings, drawings, engravings, mosaics, fragments, and wall painting samples at risk to be stolen or already

Ancestral remains from nomadic semitc civilizations, Moabite, Canaanite, and the Hittites



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Museums of interest: Istanbul museum of archeology, British museum, Penn museum, Pergamon museum, Berlin's Museumsinsel, Cairo museum, The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Isthtar Gate

20 Lions and other animals walk the processional way and was the 8th gate into inner city of Babylon


From cuneiform to papyrus and the locations of the most popular and important to heritage

We partner with museum’s that have a long-term commitment to excavation and research in Egypt and Iraq

In a museum we work with objects conservators , Gallery Administrators, Research Associates, Curators in the research of Artifacts, fragments, Exhibitions

Other Projects 

Inherited ancestral remains acquisition

What was stolen from baghdad museum

Sumeria, babylon, and ancient Egypt artifact locations archive 

Namer palette